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This is not a terribly difficult restriction to get around:

    1) Boot an ec2 instance in VA, US
    2) ssh -D 8888 <ec2hostname>
    3) Configure Chrome/FF to use a SOCKS proxy on localhost:8888

Quoting the old Erlang meme: did you just tell me to go ---- myself?

Seriously. I won't jump through hoops to give others my money, broken copyright or not. I don't see a huge push by those companies to change the way things are. Wheres the lobbying for a global copyright or easier access rules? Where are the visible changes? As long as all those efforts don't lead to a change, they won't have my business.

Yes, Bob, I think he did.

I don't think you should pay them. I certainly don't. I was merely pointing out how I've been able to watch Hulu content while traveling outside the US.

I am not able to use Hulu (wrong country), but don't they at least have a travel mode? Spotify has one, for example.

How would you be giving Hulu any of your money when the shows are free to watch?

I know about Hulu Plus, but the subject of this particular discussion is their (free) website redesign.

You know what's even easier than that? BitTorrent.

I'm already using a VPN in the US to handle that (Netflix), but they reject my credit card (french one). Any idea of a workaround ?

EDIT : typo

I think you can buy a US gift card[1] and use that instead. I haven't tried it, so don't quote me on it ;)

[1] - https://www311.americanexpress.com/BOLWeb/bolfeOrder.do?requ...

You could try purchasing a prepaid Visa, Mastercard, or American Express gift card online and have it shipped to you. I see that amazon.com has various prepaid gift cards. Another option I'd be less excited about is a "reloadable" (i.e. Green Dot) debit card. I believe most US issued reloadable cards require a social security number however.

I was successful with a prepaid credit card with US dollar as the currency. Just go to entropay.com, create a credit card and put some money on it.

If you think that any one of those three steps is not far beyond the technical ability of most hulu users, you're dreaming.

And probably also beyond a lot of Hacker News readers' technical ability.

This is an interesting comment. I take it for granted that the majority of readers are pretty comfortable doing that kind of thing. Is there any way of telling what the real distribution is?

I doubt it. Maybe a survey. I'm one out of three. I could set up a socks proxy in chrome. As for the others, I'm sure I could learn them, but I have no idea where to start.

Have you actually tried? Can you pay for Hulu with a non-US credit card?


why down voting this? I just said nice.

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