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Actually, their office is next to ours at 333 Bryant Street, and there's probably around 20 people in there. We borrowed a chair from them last week.

This reply made me smile, and is such a great example of why it's so hard to trust anything we read on the Internet, anywhere. I don't know which response to believe, if either, and don't know why I care so much either way.

Edit: A little coverage in VentureBeat http://venturebeat.com/2012/04/19/health-tracking-app-needto... I just had to check. :)

they are both right. i've been using myfitnesspal for quite some time now, and remember reading that it was indeed a very small team (of just 2). now time has passed and they have obviously expanded. but they were extremely successful even at the beginning. i can't find the link right now but i'm certain that if you check out their blog, near the beginning, you will find something that resembles the 2man team story.

I'm sure a great many web companies that have 20 people today had 2 people not so very long ago. Stats have associated timestamps :)

I would venture to say that almost every start-up begins with 1 or 2 driving forces, and branches from there. I am hard pressed to remember any that haven't. Anyone here think of one?

I had no idea.. if so, they do a good job of making themselves appear smaller than they really are.

Not to be inquisitive, but I wonder how they make money. From the website it seems they only sell Fitbit [0]. Amazing how one such stream of income can support the whole enterprise and generate revenue.

This model (free service/soft + hardware) reminds me of sports-tracker.com [1] (one of few sites I simply love). They service (app, site) is also free and they sell heart rate monitors.

With same model (do free service, sell hardware), there is one difference which is interesting. Sports-Tracker sells their own hardware, MyFitnessPal just resells Fitbit.

[0] http://www.myfitnesspal.com/apps/show/fitbit

[1] http://www.sports-tracker.com/

Added: I just hope they (MyFitnessPal) do not sell their databases.

Way to rain on the parade of a great story by introducing some contradictory facts!

Now that's an address I recognise. Wasn't DailyBooth located there too? I believe they have relocated since - but it definitely is a nice place

Ha, great reply - small world.

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