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Imagine you're an investor, and you drive to "YC demo day", and listen to 30 pitches of small startup companies, go out to your car, and see a flyer in your windshield pitching another startup company...

Are you really going to be pissed at that, or is that just one more pitch (that some on here think shows hustle)? Doubtful investors are going to be pissed at this, and ... so what if they are. A couple of hundred people just visited their web site, most of them with money to invest...

Like handing your CV outside a job fair instead of paying to go in. Those people are there for this very reason and won't be too upset by it. pg and team might be pissed however...

All I can imagine is the sinking feeling I get when I see a ticket on my car. I start fuming about the nice meal I might have eaten for that $50. Maybe if I were a VC, I'd be rolling in so much money that I'd never think twice about $50. On the other hand, I really don't have to worry about $50 either, and yet my stomach still sinks.

If I were a VC, my stomach might sink over the time I'd have to waste writing the check for the ticket and remembering where I put the stamps. Then when I noticed that it was just a "cute prank", I would resent whoever it was who was responsible for causing that sinking feeling.

Why would anyone want to associate their company with that?

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