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I just want to say something:


Yeah, I can go to tripl.com or whatever, also add your twitter/fb/G+ page otherwise you'll just look like some bozo stuck in Web 1.0 (contact by phone?!)

Do you not have a smartphone? They're a very common way to install apps. Heck, I sometimes scan QR codes right off my monitor.

I've been in continuous ownership of at least one smartphone since the iPhone 1. I have yet to scan a QR code "in the wild" (i.e., while not testing software that's QR-code related).

I'm willing to bet I can tap the install button for a given app faster than you can scan the equivalent QR code and hit install. The challenge is for iOS.

The workflow for scanning and actioning on a QR code is tediously slow. Unlock your phone. Page over a few times (because let's be honest, QR code scanner is not getting front-page placement on my home screen), open the app. Wait for it to initialize. Hold over QR code. Nope, closer/further. Ah there we go. Bam. Now tap on something to visit site. Wait for site to load. Oh wait, it's a redirect to the App Store. Wait for App Store to load...

Sweet God.

A sufficiently short and easy to spell URL can be entered much, much, much faster than all of the above. If it's app-related, a sufficiently short and easy to spell app name will convert me faster than a QR code any day of the week.

There are plenty of effective scanner apps are out there. The one I use snaps the image almost instantly and away you go. It's not something that I use much, but it works when I need it. And yes - why not have a visible url as well.

I'm an Android user, so I can't really comment on the iOS experience, but for me it's as literal as "hit barcode scanner, point camera at QR code". The app detects the QR code, decodes it, tells me what it found, and asks what I want to do with it. In the case of a URL, it pops open in my browser; in the case of an app URL, it opens in the Play store app, etc. It's very quick, easy, and painless.

I think you'll agree that short URLs and names are hard to come by, and will be more so over time. Plus, the push for short names is getting out of control. I'm sorry, but a name like xzb.ly is retarded, whereas GoodCompanyName.com isn't.

Most of the time when I hear about an app, I'm at my computer. So I type in the full URL to get to that link or go to the App Store's slow search. Half the time there's several search result, and I'm fighting with iPhone's spell checker if it's a cutesy name or have to remember the company's naming scheme. (For example, I searched for "Flight Track" instead of "FlightTrack" and received tons of incorrect results.)

Another good use: connecting the physical world with digital when it's not practical to set up a short URL (think a church having a silent auction, with in-depth descriptions listed on the website)

QR codes might be workable if the camera app automatically detected them.

We've found a user!

cheald - please prove it by documenting yourself using a QR code and submit to http://picturesofpeoplescanningqrcodes.tumblr.com/

Next up Sasquatch!

grin I just might have to do that. :D

Yes I do have a smartphone

No I will not install an app to install another app

Also, a QR code is opaque. What it will do? Open a page? Install what app? Compromise my cell phone with premium dialing sw?

QR codes contain nothing but text. Any barcode scanner app is going to ask what you want to do with what it found. It's not like pointing your phone in the wrong direction is going to give it malware.

Why? Both Google and Apple let you push apps to your phone from their respective application stores.

Sure, if the app is in its respective store. It's awfully handy to be able to grab a new ROM download, or an APK that isn't in the Play store by just grabbing my phone and waving it at my screen. Saves me the steps of having to copy and shorten the URL, then type it in on my phone.

The only regular use I ever have for QR codes is loading a long page url I'm looking at on my desktop to my phone. I keep a chrome plugin installed so I can click a button for a QR code. Beyond that, I'm not going to some random link encoded in a QR code.

If you use Chrome or Firefox, they have browser sync to their mobile apps now. You could also employ Instapaper or ReadItLater/Pocket and just click the bookmarklet.

Scanning a QR code sounds like it may take some time if you're in a rush.

I used to feel the same way, then I started using QR codes to pay for things with LevelUp. I still haven't scanned one myself, nor do I have any intention to ever do so, but I have had people scan my QR code. :)

You'll love this site: http://qrafti.com/

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