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I would seriously caution people against making it a close copy (particularly of money) of an official document. Depending on the situation, there are state and federal statues backing up the local ones.

// sorry to be a killjoy

How close does that actually look to a real parking ticket? It doesn't even say the word "parking" on it or mention a fine $ amount.

This is just innovative guerrilla marketing.

It's littering.

yep, and some city's take using their name pretty poorly with the word "VIOLATION" pretty poorly.

Tell that to Steve Wozniak:


Woz is just giving people real money in an inventive format at below-face value, because he can.

The money he gives out is legal tender - $2 bills bought in sheets from the mint (they're his "local printer," you see). He just cuts them up and makes various unique forms of moneybook out of them, and he's OK with giving them out at below face value because the ensuing hilarity is worth it to him.

That's very different from making a fake document on official government letterhead or representing itself as a government document.

I think the word you're looking for is "statutes".

I think autocorrect felt otherwise :(

I really don't get the "word I typed is in the dictionary, but autocorrect thinks it found something better" use case.

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