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If they have people reading their wordpress blog or users for their mobile apps then they are already ahead of many of the startups featured here.

You might want to look up the No True Scotsman fallacy.

I think the position is that having users is necessary but not sufficient for being a startup. NTS doesn't apply here, since no one is changing the definition of startup to exclude a counterexample; they simply disagree with it a priori.

I couldn't see any concrete distinction between the "bros" in his hypothetical and many things HNers would consider a "real" startup.

Maybe he was also attacking the very lean startup people who only have an email collecting landing page, a funny or inflated title and a blog filled with lessons for entrepreneurs when they come from a geek subculture and you are correct. It seemed more like a perfect NTS because of the "bro" references. Reading it again, I could see either interpretation being correct.

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