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no, but seriously, this will be the best to-do list app ever

Hey! Doesn't matter if it's a another to-do list as long as you ship!

Don't listen to them OzzyB. Your to-do list app is really going to be revolutionary. ;)

Once it ships.

Well, it really is different this time.

It is a big data local social gamified MVP'd pivoted to-do list built on a distributed paxos consistent lock-free real-time column-based k/v persistent memory grid.

No bootstrapping? That's my favorite word.

Not really compatible; bootstrapping (in the business sense) is kinda the opposite of VC-chasing, which is what such buzzword-fests are typically a symptom of.


The .io is critical.

Yeah, get this: it syncs across multiple devices. Revolutionary!

It will be if you can have a so well designed UI that it's in Octarine.

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