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I can really relate to this. I have a site that provides a service, does about 175k uniques & 900k pageviews per month and generates revenue from paid accounts ($1k), adsense ($4k) & partnerships ($10k).

Do I consider it a startup? Not really. But I don't really consider it to be just a website either. I guess my definition of a startup is an entity that has a team behind it, provides some type of service & could be substantially scaled with funding or revenue.

Mind telling us more about your site? :)

One could extrapolate from the username...

I was waiting for that. I'm a longtime HN frequenter and didn't want to post under my real account so I used a username generator and low & behold the first suggestion wasn't taken - what luck... Debated on it's appropriateness but figured I had to use it since it wasn't taken.

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