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Trying to define startup these days is like trying to define hacker. The meaning changes, depending on your company. This is a good thing. It signifies a culture shift.

PG defines a startup as a business with very high growth potential.

According to my accountant, the IRS defines a startup as a business activity that is not yet profitable, but you're actively working to make it profitable.

By either of these definitions, not every new venture is a startup. This is just semantic. I don't think "not a startup" should be an insult.

EDIT: I see from another comment that Merriam-Webster defines start-up as a fledgling business. IMHO this makes the English language a little less rich, since you could just as easily say "new business", but it is what it is.

PG also stresses the importance of creating a new technology in his definition of startup.

A startup is a 'Useful infrastructure' previously and wholly 'nonexistent' that 'fills a need' for a population and thus earns revenue. I'm sure I've left something out but this definition helps me sort between startup ideas and content ideas in my head.

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