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URLs say it all, no need to click unless you are curious:

http://my-site-keeps-shabbat.org.ua/ - SaaS (Shabbat/Shutdown as a Service)


Along those lines, B&H doesn't process web orders Friday to Saturday nights, local time only though. I'm not clear why the user's time is the one that matters above. You're the one operating the site, it should be your time. B&H's interpretation seems more reasonable. Though I admit to knowing next to nothing about the various rules. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/HelpCenter/HoursOfOperation...

The prohibition is that you can neither do work nor cause work to be done during the Sabbath. B&H's position is that order processing is "work", and that accepting a deferred order placement would constitute "causing work to be done" by their staff even though the actual work takes place later. Others might decide that the act of placing an order (rather than automatically accepting an order) itself constitutes "causing work to be done", and that would depend on the Sabbath hours at the customers' locations. A catch-all policy would cease operation at the beginning of the earliest Sabbath period and restart at the end of the latest (which could cause a very long shutdown indeed if extreme northern and southern latitudes are taken into account).

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