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MariaDB exists because MontyW wants it to.

Percona Server exists because Percona has a great deal of deep hands on knowledge about MySQL tuning and internals, and has a live-or-die commitment to making MySQL work well, and taking patches from it's user community.

Maria and Percona server advance more or less together, and routinely swap patches back and forth.

DrizzleDB exists because some of the MySQL developers decided that Doing It Right was more important than maintaining old targets and maintaining backwards compatibility.

There is plenty of room in the MySQL user and developer ecology for both approaches. If you need MySQL, and you don't trust Oracle, or don't want to pay them, just swap in MariaDB or Percona Server, they are drop-in replacements. In fact, you should drop them in away, they have more bugs fixed and are more performant than stock Oracle MySQL.

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