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Vagrant author here.

Files in lib/ (core): 71

Files in plugin/: 142

Total: 213.

Still a lot of files but not 380, just wanted to point that out. Each individual file is actually rather small. There are only a few larger files in there (Vagrant::Environment actually perhaps being the only one).

"Why the codebase is at this size." Well, Vagrant started very small, but in the 3 years of its existence, it has gained a lot of what I've previously heard called as "code wisdom:"

* Generic host support since some tasks are host-specific. For example, setting up NFS on Mac OS X differs from Ubuntu which differs from FreeBSD. Vagrant knows this.

* Generic guest support. Setting up a variety of things is guest OS specific, so again, Vagrant knows how to configure networks, mount folders, etc. on a variety of different guest operating systems.

* VirtualBox bugs. Vagrant has quite a bit of code to work around VirtualBox bugs.

* Networking is hard. Vagrant does quite a lot with networking to ensure your networking works as expected. It also does things like port collision detection to verify that any ports you choose won't collide with any other VMs as well as making a best effort to check if that port is open, and erroring in that case as well.

* Plugin interface. Almost every part of Vagrant at this point in git master is customizable. This isn't overkill, this was built out of seeing actual human need for this. This lowers the number of features I need in core and actually fights being overkill, because more things can be built with plugins.

* Communication abstraction. Linux and POSIX-like guests with SSH is great, but what happens when you want to run Windows guests? SSH CAN work but isn't ideal. For this reason, Vagrant is started to abstract out communication so that Windows can use things like WinRM, completely transparently. Also, if you use something like VMWare, it uses the VMWare guest communication API, which is blazingly faster than SSH. Again, this is all transparent to plugin developers, provisioners, etc. It "just works."

It does much more, but I think you get the idea.

Building something that "just works" comes at a cost. And that cost is usually complexity. Can you build a very basic tool to control VirtualBox virtual machines in a small shell script? You betcha! Vagrant started this way. Can you make that reusable? Yeah, but prepare to add some complexity. Then make it run on every major OS and support some nifty features and you got yourself a big project.

I hope that helps!

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