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You lost me for a minute there with parts of your comment until I realized you were thinking this was a different comment from months ago. But you got it for the most part. I was not suggesting they were not human. I was trying not to offend them if, in fact, they turned out not to be human (I was thinking alien... not bot... bots don't get offended). While formal language can be thought of as lofty these days when no one really speaks like that, it is also how people used to speak. It always cracks me up when I see movies set in that day and the people say the most absurd, inane things yet seem to do it so eloquently and with a smile. They make it seem so pleasant. I was going for old-timey pleasant... not current day lofty. True, pointing out a typo is largely useless, but it was necessary due to my previous point about lofty/pleasant language. True, I had no regret. Really, I was just trying to illustrate that rolling a turd in chocolate and nuts does not make it an Almond Roca.

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