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> I've used Vagrant before, but it always felt like overkill.

I'm finding Vagrant is an indispensable tool for learning Chef and testing my recipes. Also, having a complete multi-VM setup as a development environment that replicates my production environment has its advantages.

So this is good news for me. I very much prefer VMware Fusion to VirtualBox. Can't wait till the next Vagrant release.

Bit of a non-sequitor, but why are you using Chef instead of Puppet? I don't usually deal with VM stuff, but I've recently started looking into it and it seemed like Puppet had a clear lead in functionality, or perhaps my mind is just playing tricks on me at this time in the morning.

I have used both and find that wile Puppet is a good tool, Chef has a clear lead in functionality and in community strength. Also, the Puppet DSL is a pain as u have to learn both it and ruby.

I wrote up my thoughts in detail here http://devopsanywhere.blogspot.it/2011/10/puppet-vs-chef-fig...

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