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This is exciting news.

I know one fellow who built a large private cloud for his organisation (about two racks of topline gear) so that they could simulate an architecture of several dozen servers and thousands of complex, concurrent transations.

What's it built on? VMWare. He was not totally amused when I sent him a link to Vagrant.

(I understand VMWare have similar fleet-orchestration tools, but not development-oriented as vagrant is -- awesome for production though).

Putting aside my friend, I can also see performance gains from in-kernel virtualisation schemes such as KVM^w lxc or Solaris Zones.

Bravo to the Vagrant team. This tool has become one of the centrepieces of how I personally do development.

KVM is a full virtualization solution, Zones is a container (same kernel). Maybe you mean lxc, the Linux container system?

Thanks for the correction.

Thanks! Vagrant will soon be able to control development cycles around private clouds just like this. This is exactly the use case I am building for. Let your friend know!

I believe it will also be able to be used for public clouds with all the API's providers have now.

LXC is great but does have its limitations. We are currently building a vagrant like solution and GUI for LXC/Vagrant/vSphere/ESXi/Xen/AWS etc which will launch in beta in the next couple of months - sign up at http://10xlabs.net if you are interested in following progress

There seems to be no other way to communicate with you or 10xlabs, so excuse me for cluttering this thread. You have an error on the sign up page - 'lounch' should be 'launch'.

Thanks - we are fixing it now - you can contact us at info@10xlabs.net or on twitter @10xlabs

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