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My first business was a college textbook trading site for UMass Amherst. I was approached for a partnership by i2hub which later became connectU. I was a sophomore in college, couldn't even afford a laptop or computer and was blown away at how much students were loosing when selling their textbooks back at the end of the semester. There are 25k students spending $1k/year on books and selling them back for a max of 25% of the purchase price. The community was loosing $10m every year. I started the site cause I was pissed off and was scratching my own itch. I didn't have time for politics. My site looked like shit, but within a few months over 10% of the population was usin it and I was making money.

This is sort of OT, but I always love to share this little tidbit of my time at Xavier (I graduated in 2001). At the end of the semester, the bookstore would put out these huge boxes and when they would refuse to buy back people's books (because the same book was not being used the following semester), people would just chuck their books in the boxes. I'm sure the bookstore was just selling those books to some other efollett (or whatever) bookstore. I used to go and snatch tons of books out of those boxes and sell them on half.com or amazon marketplace...similarly, profs would put the sample textbooks outside their office doors for people to take if they wanted them...those went on half.com and amazon marketplace too...I at least took a bite out of my textbook expenses that way.

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