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CU Denver undergrad students seeking a degree are forced to take a few 3000+ level courses to meet a cultural diversity requirement. Most other general education requirements can be met by taking equivalent courses at a community college which is what I did. I've always speculated that these are required in order to help the college get some extra money from students. Some of the options for these courses have required materials that can only be purchased from the university bookstore and they consist mainly of printouts of wikipedia articles.

My school changed it so that the AP US History test only counted if you got a 5. If you got a 4, you were exempt from taking US History, but you didn't get credit, so you had to take another history class instead.

If you made a 4 on the AP US history exam, you most likely learned more than the average student who made an A in college US History.

They also severely limit credit by examination. It's all about making people pay for classes.

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