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Show HN: NeedNumbers.me, import contacts from "New Phone, Need #s" FB groups (neednumbers.me)
14 points by stephenou on Aug 19, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

It would be neat to bypass the facebook group method and just have a website that you can request people's phone numbers (just a simple submit form). Then the numbers aren't publicly available for everyone to snoop.

The reason people make the group or event is because when you invite everyone they get a notification and a lot more people see it rather than a status update (that maybe <10% of your friends see). So maybe creating an event or group then linking to givemeyournumbers.com/john_smith

No, if you need to ask for phone numbers by using a facebook group you are doing it wrong. This just serves to encourage more people to do the wrong thing.

OP here.

Many said this isn't wide-used anymore. But as a high school student, I still get invited to those groups/events frequently, and people said they've been waiting for something like this for a long time. So there is still a big market here.

Glad I could contribute my little bit to make this process a lot faster. Well worth making this as my 5-hour side project.

Although this is less common than it once was I still get invited to these groups a few times a month so this is useful. I've just graduated high school and I think some of my other friends would get them even more as my friend group is slightly more technical.

I remember need a new number groups used to be quite common before the wide adoption of smartphones. Is this still a thing?

Wait, people do this?

Yes. It used to be much, much more frequent before smartphones. It is decreasing rapidly, though, as we'd all expect in a time and age where smartphones seemlessly backup contacts to the cloud.

You still see it in places and with communities where smartphones are less popular. I see a lot of them from students in middle and high school. (Although usually as status updates, not groups.)

Very useful!

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