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That's great news for Github, and truly as a community its a fantastic place to share and find code.

But recently I've really begun to question Git for version control, two recent experiences are really making me reconsider with its complexity outweighs its perceived usefullness. Its quite possible that for at least one of the projects I am involved in we will move back to SVN for the next version build.

Every git repository on GitHub can also be used with svn.

Details: https://github.com/blog/1178-collaborating-on-github-with-su...

Just curious, what were the experiences? Hell, send them to support@github.com if you don't want to reply publicly :)

Two projects now have had repeated problems with issues regressing and features being lost between builds. I had never considered it might be an issue with Git until someone else mentioned it to me. We need to do some proper investigation but at the moment under the gun to finish a release. When I have more details happy to share via support.

try mercurial - dvcs with svn's simplicity.

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