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I'm pretty disappointed with Teralogix on this, front and back.

I reached out to them early to offer help since their organizer wasn't plugged in to the local dev or startup scenes. There was no follow up. Then when that nasty legal note was discovered, I reached out again and found out that their intent was to make it an offer to join Teralogix and be funded by them, not a requirement. Alas, they fumbled both and I'm disappointed we won't get to see some new ideas from this event.

I feel like hackathons are going mainstream. Companies will run hackathons because they "heard" it helps with hiring, but won't change any of their standard legal paperwork for IP developed on their premises.

The sponsored hackathon is the new 40 year old guy throwing on a leather jacket attending indie shows to sign bands.

The value of the hackathon is rapidly diminishing. In fact I'd venture to say once they started to be formally organized they started to devalue.

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