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I do not recommend using floating point numbers for integer math. I am saying that if you have integers stored in floating point representation, equality comparisons are fine.

> I've not used lua or javascript, but wouldn't it be better to choose an implmentation that silently switches between ints, floats, doubles and big-nums as needed?

If you want to go through the engineering effort, sure, it might make sense to have separate int and double encodings. You have to check for the possibility of integer overflow and convert to double in that case. In particular, this is useful if you want to use Javascript's bitwise operators. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/SpiderMonkey/Intern... for a description of how SpiderMonkey does it. Lua just has one representation for numbers, double normally but it could be float or long depending on how you compile it. There would be no reason to have single-precision floating point or big-num representations.

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