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This is just the beginning and it will get better. There is SO much still to do.

For now, to discover new music you can go to a couple sections of Hipset:

1) New Videos from artists all around the world http://hipset.com/all/videos/

2) New Videos from artists you follow http://hipset.com/following/videos/

3) New Videos from artists in different genres Hip Hop: http://hipset.com/genre:hiphop/videos/ Rock: http://hipset.com/genre:rock/videos/ Indie: http://hipset.com/genre:indie/videos/ Electronic: http://hipset.com/genre:electronic/videos/ Country: http://hipset.com/genre:country/videos/ Pop: http://hipset.com/genre:pop/videos/

Cool, thanks for pointing this out. Wish it was more obvious :)

Keep up the hustle.

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