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These guys are building a startup and Live Streaming it (ustream.com)
27 points by adamcoomes on Aug 18, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

This is pretty cool. They are coming up with ideas for their tag line and people in the chat room are coming up with some good ideas.

"Team up with your customers"

"Give back to who has your back"

"Who's got your back?"

"Backly is an application that provides a platform for bands, startups and big companies to reward their fans with insider and exclusive info, contests and awesome swag."

FYI for everyone who keeps asking what is backly. They seem to be repeating something along the lines of:

"Backly is a way for a business to reward the supporters of their business, by backing us you get an incentive"

http://backly.tumblr.com/ - their blog

As much as a I could keep up with his fast talking: "Backly is a way for businesses to reward the supporters of their brand and business. It's more of a close connection between a business and a consumer rather than just have them follow them on twitter[...]"

Thanks for the awesome comments guys! This has been an incredible experience for us. We had no idea we'd get so much support and great feedback/interaction with our viewers. Amazing! Our viewers have helped shape this product. :)

I like this concept. Obviously not the most exciting thing to watch, but observing the thought process of another team valuable. I just have the audio going in a hidden tab at the moment.

You're not annoyed by the repetitive ads? I had to close the tab. Anyway, I'm busy working on my own stuff. Was nice to dip in briefly though...

It's a way for business to reward supporters of their brands apparently. I like the idea. And this is a great way of gaining a bit of publicity.

This is just startup porn. Do something yourself.

Honestly, I love it. I have it running in a window adjacent to my work. It's nice to be able to see other people working while I'm working from home too. I have the sound turned down low though to prevent it from stealing my focus.

For the first time I've figured out the value of hacker spaces. I almost wish that hacker spaces would have cams like this, or more people would do something similar to this.

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