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Check out this GPLv2 fork / alternative mentioned: http://mariadb.org

We're using MariaDB at linkup.com and love it! Whenever I read "MySQL is becoming closed source" I think its just an indication that MariaDB needs more community interaction (like how the Fedora team ramped up marketing efforts when RedHat killed their non-RHEL distro.)

Also, Percona rocks. XtraDB is just a drop-in replacement for InnoDB.


When I got my new Macbook Air I decided to give mariadb a try locally instead of mysql. So far so good! 'brew install mariadb' and you're off to the races. It's 100% binary compatible, as far as I know.

So far working great with some local wordpress/php apps as well as older django apps.

I'm migrating slowly but surely to PostgreSQL though.

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