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I just realized that this is my fault. I'm not new to the internet by any means, but I'm (relatively new) to the geek world. Now that the jokes on xkcd and imgur actually make sense, and I can laugh at n00bs and answer a few questions on Freenode, I feel like I can identify with the hackers. In fact, I just watch the movie Hackers yesterday and it was awesome. I would have had very different sentiments a year ago, or I would have tried to fake what I feel now.

In any case, this sense of elitism I now feel entitled to, has carried over to Hacker News and I feel justified in snarking.

To the OP: Thank you for posting this. In addition to attempting to being a good human being offline, I will double my efforts to being a good human being online so that you may once again love this community.

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