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I've posted several projects to HN, including both of my guides to programming and photography...and I have been extremely disappointed...with the LACK of harsh comments, and the more-than-deserved number of upvotes. And I mean that only half facetiously, because the critical ability of HN posters, on average, is quite high, so I half-expect people to be nitpicking and ripping on me...and that's fine, since I generally don't take it personally.

Obviously my case isn't apples-to-apples, since the OP may have pitched products that were attempting to be successful in a financial sense, whereas I just like showing personal projects. But my experience has been very supportive. This is not to say that OP is wrong, but just to say that whatever corrective measurements are being decided on, that you shouldn't go too far in fixing what may only be partially or rarely broken

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