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Can someone provide an example of an online community that has an appropriately positive attitude?

Hacker News is the most civil, useful and intelligent conversation on the internet, period. HN is easily two standard deviations less cruel or petty than any other discussion site you could name. The rest of the internet makes us look like Miss Manners.

I'm sorry that people weren't supportive of your personal projects, sw007. But do you have any idea how much worse things would have been on reddit? TechCrunch comments? God forbid, 4chan?

HN is an amazing resource and I'm glad to have it. The top comment is always 1) the other side of the argument being presented in the story or 2) information from someone on the inside (ie, "I work at fb and here is what is really going on"). If there's any online discussion site that's significantly more positive than Hacker News, I'd love to hear about it.

Gotta agree with this. Most of the really bad comments I've seen on HN wind up downvoted to light grey. Here, negative feedback directly to a creator is almost always constructive, even if you don't like the tone.

It's still the best you're going to get on any public forum I'm aware of.

> TechCrunch comments?

And those have real Facebook identities attached to everyone. I'm amazed at the things people will say even when it has their name on it and will be out there forever.

I actually find 4chan to be a very good source of constructive feedback. The ratio of constructive to unconstructive comments is much worse, but the unconstructive comments tend to be very obviously so, and the anonymity and general culture make it easy to brush them aside without much thought.

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