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> So I'm going to try to see if it's possible to identify people who consistently upvote nasty comments and if so count their votes less.

Why don't you automate this process? All of the people you upvote have the most credibility, the posts they upvote have a little less, and people who upvote those posts gain a little credibility too, and so on. Tuned right, voting itself becomes a function of whatever the base of the community is.

New users -- depending on what kind of posts they upvote and who upvotes their posts -- must be able to gain credibility quickly, not just by upvoting the top posts, but picking winning and losing comments in the long term.

That, and assign a couple people he knows well that will make similar good judgement calls the same privileged, that way you increase the amount of work being done.

I think a method like this is necessary, as I really don't think you could determine post quality with an algorithm itself. You can't automate that type of intelligence.

If the client allowed us to pick someone other than pg as the root, then people could comment however they like and more easily view the comments they value.

Given HN's current latency, though, you'd need a few orders of magnitude more resources.

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