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I rarely read comments here anymore, preferring to stick to reading the article linked to - for the same reason that I never venture into the comment section on the Guardian's once great Comment is Free section. The first batch of comments are always (without fail) in the same vein, and start with a variation of "Yes, but..." or "But what about..." Attack, criticise, find something to disagree with. It doesn't matter if the commenter agreed with 5 things in the article, the early commenters always go looking for that 1 thing they don't agree with.

One of the great myths is that you have to put up with negative people online, that you have to 'toughen up', because, well, just because... You don't. Seth Godin wrote a great piece years ago telling you to fire your customers if they're too troublesome, and I've used this strategy in 2 businesses since. It's liberating. Negativity, insults, poorly mannered and poorly behaved people - you really DO NOT have to put up with any of that. Kick them to the curb and move on, because you really do not need those sorts of people anywhere near you or your new business.

Unfortunately, a lot of 'those people' hang out on HN (and the Guardian).

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