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I have also pretty much given up on HackerNews now too. I used to love finding novel and interesting material from any subject.

Now I just see the same posts over and over again:

- "top 'n' mistakes starts-up make" - "best 'n' ways to ensure your start up will succeed" - "'n' qualities that make a good founder/entrepreneur." - "why my start-up failed: lessons learnt"

The content is rarely ground-breaking and rarely written by somebody of note.

And a more disturbing trend is as soon as somebody write/posts something interesting, there follows weeks/months of similar, non-original rehashed posts/articles.

I think point-scoring is an important factor - as soon as the posting stuff becomes a 'game' that can be 'won', somewhere the reason for it all is de-valued...

Or perhaps it's just too big now... the book "the story of eBay" gives an interesting insight to community growth...

oh, and not forgetting of course:

- "'n' things every programmer should know'" - "why every programmer should learn [C|LISP|ASSEMBLY]"

And can we just have a new section for the zillions of new "essential" JavaScript frameworks "we must learn" that get built every week.

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