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I wonder if we are being trolled. sw007 has been a member for just 18 months[0], not five years, and in that time he has only submitted "Ask HN" or "Show HN" posts and written only a handful of comments, half of them being on this post.

Steve never participated in the community. He used the community when it suited him to get advice, and after 18 months of not liking the advice he received, he quits.

I am not defending negativity, but participating in a community is essential in understanding it. Maybe Steves expectations were far to high, or he come here looking for positive affirmation. I would prefer HN to stay honest and objective, providing constructive criticism and encouragement, rather than just praising each other.

[0] http://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=sw007

I don't think it's beneficial to this discussion to be so cynical about sw007's intentions or motives. Many contributors to the site have multiple accounts, or have moved from an older to a newer one. Attacking his/her credibility doesn't further the conversation, especially as a number of people seem to agree that it's a point worth discussing.

It's almost besides the point, but if you'd researched a bit further you would have found a post confirming that this is an alias of another account.

For what it's worth I've been here for about 3 years, and have commented often and submitted here and there. For the most part I agree with sw007. HN is not the same and has been in decline for some time now. All online communities suffer from this. If anyone can figure out how to negate the gradual erosion communities suffer from, they'd have my money for sure.

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