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I'm really bummed to hear that you feel you got shot down or excessive snark about your projects. I learned something about this in my creative writing classes - it means nothing until you write it down and put it out there. It's easy to imagine how great your writing is until you actually write, and it's hard to say "at least for now, this is my best effort." If you're putting it out there, you're already doing more than most.

In spite of some snark, I still find HN to be a pretty good community. Up and down voting actually reflects this. On most sites, it is, as you pointed out, a way of keeping score (you know how it goes, if you like Mitt Romney, you vote up, if you like Obama, you vote down, regardless of the tone or content of the post). I actually feel that HN is still unusually inclined to actually use the voting to moderate rather than keep a tally relative to pretty much anything else out there.

I'd be really bummed to see this go.

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