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As someone who just recently found HN, all I can say is that the percentage of constructive feedback VS such 'stories' as described above is still great in comparison to the rest of the net. It may have been better in the past but shallowness is what you get when you get more exposure I guess. I do not know if the score system adds to that but up voting great articles or comments is a must. Wish I could down vote to uninteresting stories. But on that matter, what is uninteresting? Surely, nobody needs duplicated stories where each adds only a minor thought. Even spam like stories that float around currently about app.net are pretty 'uninteresting' because the value they add to HN is just non existent. Looks like the typical HN visitor changed, too? Like from founders & entrepreneurs in the past to todays everyday-websters, developers, snarky people and founders?

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