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So I shut down (albeit people can still sign in) a site called favilous which was a bookmarking site. And recently I read a book called Join Me by Danny Wallace and thought it would be cool to see if that translated to the web so I created www.11kclub.com but got castigated by HN for being unoriginal, for being a rubbish idea and for the manner in which it was posted. I accept people will be negative and won't like everything that's published but I feel the old HN crowd used to seek the positive first and then give their negative feedback which was always done in a constructive way. I'm a young guy who is just trying to follow a passion and work for myself - but I find myself increasingly demotivated but hey Maybe that's more down to me than HN

Hmm, I just pasted the 11kclub URL into my browser. The front page has no info on what this is about, but you still go ahead and ask for some personal info.

I looked at the favilous front page. It looks pretty decent. Good luck.

11k is part of a social experiment to see if people will sign up to something they know nothing about just because it is exclusive. And thanks, appreciate it.

I think that hate and negativity in the face of an obvious bald-faced lie is to be expected. I agree that the negative reaction to 11kclub.com was over-the-top, but also I could have easily predicted that reaction.

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