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Personally, I don't have a problem with people being negative. 99% of startups fail, and I think it's worthwhile reminding people of that every now and then. Hacker News shouldn't live in some magical land where everyone is going to make the next billion dollar company.

If this is the case, why even allow for comments? Just have a bot that auto-responds a bunch of times with randomly generated comments that 99% of the time is "Your idea sucks. You should do something else that is worthwhile."

Because despite the OP's lament, not all feedback is negative. I posted a project and got both positive and negative feedback, I found both useful.

untog also wrote There will be plenty of constructive feedback buried in there somewhere..

Constructive feedback is generally what you want. Positive vs negative is more about mood than content - and there is plenty of worthless positive feedback out there.

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