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My main concerns with this message are: 1) Although GNU was conceived as a full operating system, without a kernel it became (in practice) the GNU Toolkit -- a collection of replacement command line tools that you could install on any Unix (style) system, in order to improve / standardize them (made the interoperability among AIX, Solaris, HP/UX, Digital/True64, etc more tolerable). Now I know this wasn't the intention, but that was mostly the reality of that time (early 90's, late 80's).

2) Although Linux is the name of a kernel, it also became a banner for a different style of free software (free vs. open source, the two have different philosophies). The Linux style seems to be OK with free and non-free software co-existing. So calling a distribution GNU/Linux sounds like the entire distribution is in line with the FSF goals. I'd rather leave the GNU title only to distributions that are 100% Free (GNU style free).

3) Back to point 1, a lot of people were brought together due to the different style (Cathedral vs. Bazaar) of Linux (the movement, not the kernel). So Linux should get recognition for more than "just a kernel".

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