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This made me think of something: it's my subjective experience that there is a relative dearth of Perl articles/discussion posted on HN. Is this correct? And if so, why is that the case? Hackers don't use Perl anymore? :)

Is anyone here using Perl in a significant way for their startup?

re: Perl posts on HN - There's actually quite a lot of Perl articles posted here (and I maybe the main culprit of that!). However only a small subset percolate to front page.

re: startups - Ones that quickly come to mind... Lokku, Blekko, Moonfruit, DuckDuckGo, CareerJet & Adzuna.

My tiny company's been around for 13 years now, so it doesn't qualify as a startup. My Perl 5 scripts are very important to my business, and I've even got a couple of Perl 6 scripts helping out these days.

Is anyone here using Perl in a significant way for their startup?

Onyx Neon ( http://onyxneon.com/ ) isn't a startup, but the main part of our publishing pipeline is Perl. (Half of it is on CPAN, and the rest will soon be there.)

Of my other business ventures, two are entirely Perl on the server side and the other uses Perl substantially.

Perl discussions historically tended to be trolled mercilessly on HN, seemingly from adherents of certain competing language environments, so I assume people don't like to post discussions of Perl here.

Anything I would use Perl for, I use Ruby instead.

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