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These are very useful. Here in Ireland that service already exists as ParcelMotel.

As someone who has used ParcelMotel, I can't help but notice the differences between the things I love about the PM site that aren't on the BufferBox site. BB use uninspiring stock images but PM have commissioned an entire set of custom artwork that's a strong brand and very cutsey and describes their service using metaphors.

PM are very explicit about the pricing. It takes up a big chunk of their homepage. After several minutes I still can't find how much bufferbox costs!

And do BB only email out the PIN? Surely sending it to everyone by SMS would be a better idea?

The product is a great idea and it's implemented so well through different companies here in Europe. It's good to see something similar starting off over there also.

It's interesting that ParcelMotel's site blocks all crawlers, including Google. Do they rely on a very strong offline presence and have no need for organic online marketing?

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