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I've been waiting so long for something like this.

The second this shows up in Boston, I can personally guarantee half a dozen users without even bothering to survey. My building has a huge stolen package problem, due to the front door facing a main road, and the UPS driver for our area being an idiot. My last building had a driver who never left anything if you weren't home. While that's better than theft, it's still annoying to take two buses and walk ten minutes to pick up a package by hand. And then walk ten more minutes and take two more buses to carry the thing home. The whole process usually took upwards of two hours.

My only concern is getting the drivers to actually use these things correctly. I've found multiple packages addressed to me left outside the front door, despite explicit instructions not to do that both given by the shipper and posted on the door. Each of these packages were apparently signed for... just not by anyone who lives here. So yeah, getting the driver to follow instructions isn't going to be easy.

Is there a post office near you?

Have the packages delivered to "<Your name> General Delivery" at the post office, then pick them up with a photo ID. (But check with the post office first, only the larger/central post offices support this.)

It's best if you can ship it USPS. UPS will sometimes deliver to a post office (if you put in the address of the post office), but not always.

As of right now, one of the reasons why you pay for this service is because it's shipped to an address first where the BufferBox team accepts packages for you. They bring the packages over and fill the lockers.

So, there's no reason for you to need the driver to follow instructions.

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