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What if the package doesn't fit in any of the available compartments? Does the customer get notified they're package is about to arrive in X (hours, minutes, etc)? This could lead to an angry customer who decided to plan their day around retrieving said package at the estimated arrival time and they find out it's not there?

For select distributors, the customer gets to use BB for 'free'. How is this possible? Doesn't that mean those distributors are increasing the cost of shipping to pay BB for using your storage boxes? Why would a distributor want to use BB rather than the current individual shipping locations model?

Based on the ones that I've seen around UWaterloo, they have different sized compartments for differently sized shipments. I'd feel comfortable shipping a snowboard through their box.

You punch in the key code they give you, and the box your package is in pops open.

Apparently they take a percentage of the charge that FedEx/etc would take - it saves the shipping company tons of money not having to have an office/make multiple trips.

Also: How does the parcel service get into the locker? Are the lockers inside a retail store front or more like a vending machine that could be (outside) anywhere?

Packages are sent to a "central" BufferBox address and BB staff fills the locker

The box in UWaterloo is in a public building in high-traffic area. (almost like a vending machine).

The delivery man (based on some sort of arrangement) fills up the lockers, telling BufferBox what's in each one.

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