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thesash 615 days ago | link | parent

I'm starting to notice a trend with this latest YC class-- lots of unsexy products addressing really specific pain points.

ColinHayhurst 615 days ago | link

Products solving specific pain points: Bring them on


lmm 613 days ago | link

There's an opportunity cost though. A product that's solving a specific pain point can be good and even profitable, but it's never going to take off the way a truly disruptive product does.

I suspect what's happening is that startups themselves, like everything else, are being commoditized.


samstave 615 days ago | link

Agreed. While I can't see myself needing this service any time soon, clearly it's a problem big enough to build out physical infrastructure to solve.

If the buffer box company had closer relationships with amazon's distribution and that other company that wants to do any deliveries in an hour, there could be an interesting market in the future.


thesash 615 days ago | link

Tons of opportunity to disrupt an old industry which has remained largely unchanged since the advent of the internet


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