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Looks like they're focused on Toronto: "The team has plans to expand into 100 new locations, including convenience stores, grocery stores, and transit stations within Toronto"

The service sounds useful as a way to receive deliveries (and potentially a place to drop off a small package for pickup later by yourself in the same day).

Is that what the mysterious "GTA" on their site means? "Greater Toronto Area"? Groan..

If so, they could probably save themselves a lot of puzzled support emails by expanding the TLA.

People in Toronto know what GTA stands for.

It seems to be an "open" variant (i.e., works for private couriers) of what Canada Post does.

If you're not home (or if the Canada Post courier is lazy - the one that covers my neighborhood just leaves tags instead of ringing the doorbell), they just leave a tag at your door or superbox and drop the parcel off at a local retail location for pickup.

Purolator is also doing something similar here too.

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