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I think this is kind of a portable PO box, or PO box you can franchise. It seems there are things moving to kiosk despensers like redbox, blockbuster, even those change counting machines in the supermarket!

This is like a redbox for delivery. They could easily grow integration with package delivery companies, or they could compete by buying their own trucks and hiring drivers. This service will be very interesting to watch.

So, if your corporate records are stored in a kiosk box, doesn't that mean that you can set up your company's address there?

Could one use this sort of thing to convert any café into a co-working outfit?

Also, can I drop a package in one bufferbox and have it delivered to another?

You want to borrow my snowboarding helmet, goggles and gloves. I drop them in my box, select a destination, and buffer box teleports them to your box. Reverse the process when your done with it. Also, I let it be COD - meaning that you, the borrower, pay for the round trip buffer transfer cost.

You mean like a post box?

I have never seen this process work with a post box. Please package in box SFO-03-01-AA and select it to be delivered to NYC-12-02-AC.

While the logistical process is the same, its much more like an inter-office mailstop than it is a post box.

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