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So many things wrong with this article and devs I don't know where to start.

1. Contract work sucks. You know what sucks worse? Being homeless. Do some work, get paid, save some runway, then get back to your game.

2. Man I'm having trouble making money on this thing I'm giving away for free. No kidding? If your app is free you should be making it really really obvious that there is more to be paid for that is really awesome, and then maybe have a button somewhere that actually allows your customers to give you money.

3. Don't spend 2 years on an app with an ARPU of a couple of pennies. The mobile app market moves really fast and you can't expect the revenue from this game to last you for the next 2 years unless it is a huge hit.

4. This app has been out for a week. This linkbait title is a joke. 200k downloads for a free app isn't that amazing, but it's not bad for a week. Even if it had 10 million downloads, they'd still be homeless as they won't be getting a check from Apple for this until October. Their stupid decisions over the past 2 years led to them being homeless. The success or failure of their launch week has nothing to do with it.

Clicking to the article I assumed this was going to be a case of giving away something and server costs bringing them down. Nope. We just decided to not have jobs for 2 years, not do any contracting, and not having enough money saved ahead of time.

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