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The Samwer's are effectively a tax on innovation.

They contribute nothing new, only cut into the potential profitability of web innovators

They are delivering value to people around the world. Those people now don't have to wait on the expansion plans of companies which don't have globalization built into their DNA. Also they are a live example of what relentless execution looks like.

If I get to repeat a patio11 by integrating them they might earn me a lot of money. Also how innovative is Stripe really. They provide a service that is fairly obvious when you worked with Paypal or a large bank. The point is providing the service is a lot of hard work, thats what we pay them for. The mere idea of payments should not suck this hard is not their business. It is actually depositing your customers money in your bank account and frankly they don't offer that in Germany.

But they are here in Germany where Stripe is not! So for us germans the do contribute.

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