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If you have problems paying the 50-100$ monthly fee, then your business is the problem.

Why should a scrappy startup pay an extra 50-100$ when it doesn't have to?

Why should a scrappy startup deal with the horrible paperwork of payment gateways on top of the horrible integration, when it doesn't have to?

You make no sense.

Seconded. I run an ecommerce site that has more than 100k in sales per year but only 10 to 20% go through credit cards. I sure will not file endless paperwork and do long integration just to move away from paypal. But I signed up for paymill in a second because it will provide what I really need (a nicer payment process) and spare me a lot of hassle. The processing fees on 20k is 580 for Paymill so it would even be cheaper. If the shop grows tenfold then sure lets integrate with the XML over fax machine API of a real bank.

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