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Sure, startups & companies should operate worldwide, but the Samwer business model is really scummy. I could understand if they would build the clone with the background to avoid monopols, but they just try to fill a niche market with a stolen idea and make money with it. Just look at http://www.lazada.com.my/, an amazon clone for countries, where amazon doesn't operate(d) yet. They even use the same layout. I wouldn't say that cloning something is bad in general, if your main focus lies on the extension of an existing idea, but the Samwer brothers nearly copy the idea 1:1 without innovation and creativity and sell it to the mother company later. Thats a really bad motivation for the real entrepreneurs, who try to be innovative. Startups should really start worldwide, to avoid that these copycats make further money with their ideas.

As a Malaysian, I know more people here who use Amazon.com than those who use Lazada.com.my, even though Amazon doesn't technically serve our country.

Branding and the first-mover advantage are very important.

Interesting, thanks for bringing this up. Does amazon.com charge extra money for the delivery to Malaysia or do they ship for free, because they doesn't serve Malaysia(yet)?

International shipping to Malaysia is almost definitely not free.

You are assuming that all businesses should innovate. That is not true. Mostly businesses are about execution and price. Samwer is playing by the rules and winning.

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