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Will never be as good as Stripe. Mostly because Stripe is coded by it's founders, get support questions answered by their founders who will even teach you how to use git. :)

That stuff is great, but doesn't help EU customers if they can't use it. So at present this thing is already better than Stripe, because "90% of success is showing up". The repeated message from EU countries is "get here, we need you", and the repeated answer is "we'd love to, but can't yet". That's handing the business to Samwers on a silver platter.

I'm in South Africa. I can't even begin to imagine how long it'll take Stripe to get here.

(btw, didn't downvote you)

You should start the South African Stripe ?

Nobody cares about that. Customers will care whether they can have service at all in their country. If Stripe isn't there, then others will take over. It's all about business, not who's the nicest guy in town.

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