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Good for Snoyman...he's one of the most hardworking people in Haskell open source. I still don't quite understand what FPComplete does, though.

The company was founded by one of the most prominent developers in the C++ community, Bartosz Milewski.

His goal is that Haskell is a better tool to develop application that explore multicore programming, and plans to offer consulting services in this area.

Someone please correct me, in case this info is not correct.


FPComplete was founded by Aaron Contorer. Bartosz joined later. I believe he joined as an employee, not co-founder.


FPComplete seems to be a Haskell services firm. Not sure how big a market that is. But few companies use Haskell for Business Intelligence. May be they are looking at them.


And bizarrely their most prominent hire before Snoyman made a loud point of starting to learn Haskell when he got the job.

I hope this means FPC is investing in Yesod. Otherwise they just killed it by districting Snoyman with the new job.


From the article:

So what does this mean for Yesod? A lot, actually. FP Complete will be bringing Haskell to commercial users, and Yesod will be a big part of that. FP Complete is very supportive of the entire open source Haskell community, and will be contributing directly to it. I will continue fully in my role as maintainer and lead developer for Yesod. This move to FP Complete will not be taking my focus off of the open source community at all. On the contrary, I expect greater opportunities to be able to make contributions back.


I'm not sure what they've done, but I know they are focused on bringing Haskell to commercial users and presumably will be releasing software to fill in perceived gaps or barriers to adoption.

Aaron Contorer seemed like a real standup guy in the brief convo I had with him, and I hope we see some exciting stuff materialize in the future.


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