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I was wondering what was with that. It could easily be #1...

These are the same kind of moderator games vs. community Digg played before collapsing into oblivion.

I think you underestimate how many of us simply flag these kinds of submissions, as they are neither intellectually stimulating, nor do they promote interesting discussions. There probably isn't as much "moderation" on HN as you seem to theorize.

I wouldn't have even seen your comment were it not for the 'new comments' page.

No, it's been happening a lot recently. There was a huge thread about it a little while ago. One of the main mods was behind the bans. Also flagging doesn't automatically delete posts, mods do that.

This is very sad, I used to have the highest respect of PG and RTM. But it's dropping like a stone in the water.

I thought that if enough users flag a post, it gets automatically deleted. Also, I thought that accumulated flags harms a posts' score. Has anyone said otherwise?

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